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We simplify your hiring process by connecting you to highly experienced, pre-screened software developers specific to your required niche/industry whether on contract, full-time or remote basis.

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Build your career in the highest paying tech fields in the world and get matched to top companies seeking such talents.

Discover your career path

We train growing tech talents to become the world's best. Still learning the ropes in the tech space? Let's help you out

Apply for remote jobs globally

We connect software engineers, DevOps experts with top companies in the world. Take advantage of our global opportunities and enjoy work flexibility

Take flexible online classes

Need to upskill? Do it at your comfort and at your own pace. Our courses are designed with practicability in mind. Within a month or few, depending on how fast you learn, you are fit for a paid role



Become a pro-designer with in-demand graphics design skills such as photoshop, illustrator, figma. Learn branding, color theory, layouts and lots more. Get hands-on experience in real-life design works.


As a front-end developer, you get acquainted with front-end programming languages such as Javascript, CSS, HTML 5, and other relevant front-end languages, giving you a solid foundation for a scalable career in front-end development.


Build mastery in the skill that powers the web. Learn from top experts in the industry. Learn backend programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, and other valuable languages that are currently in demand.

Cloud Computing

Learn how you can use remote servers to store, manage and access data. Gain insights into concepts like SAAS, PAAS , IAAS as well as Linux systems. You will also gain proficiency in the use of specialized software tools like Amazon AWS and Redhat open shift.

Project Management

Avail yourself practical project management courses and gain hands-on experience with the use of specialized tools such as scrum, Jira, and many others to get you job-ready in less than six months.

Business development

Learn how you can create long-term value in any organization you find yourself. Gain expertise in lean business management, strategic management, International marketing and software supply chain.

For Companies

Hire software developers for your organisations

Our hiring team will work with you to understand your project objectives technical needs and team dynamics. Within a few days, we will provide you with the top 3 best software developers best suited for your project to make the final selection.

Set up remote teams from anywhere in the world

From anywhere in the world, our highly trained developers are available to attend to your business needs. Tasks should be broken down into milestones to ensure their optimum productivity.

Set up training sessions to your team

Staff training sessions can be organized periodically to keep the remote developers in check and align their goals with the organizational goals.

For Tutors

Are you passionate about technology? As a growing organization, we are constantly seeking highly seasoned dedicated, professional tutors to that are willing to impact their knowledge and skillset to the ones coming behind.

Impact your tech skills on upcoming talents

Make a valuable contribution to tomorrow's generation. Improve your communication and leadership skills as you help others build confidence in their chosen field of expertise.

Teach flexible online classes and get paid by the hour

We offer highly competitive pay and benefits to our tutors giving them the right motivation necessary to put their best foot forward at all times. We are obliged to fulfil our promise as you fufil yours.

Deliver video classes from your remote location

Our tutoring classes are designed with your schedule in mind. . You will have the opportunity to impact students on there to support other students within their course interest. You will be matched based on your location, availability, and experience.

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